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The rising popularity of UK web conferencing has brought forward the fact that it is the most sort after technological  solution to a very untechnical problem, travel fares and traffic jams.

As the price of petrol and train travel increase (8% alone in 2015) conference from the comfort of your own desk are being taken into usage by UK business organizations at a rapid pace.

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Here at the Government Conferences and Forums website we are committed to enabling greater interaction between our politicians and the electorate, through the promotion of conferences and forums in which our voices can be heard, and our politicians and government officials are present to respond to our questions and concerns. It is only through this kind of two way dialogue that the real issues of the day will be resolved, as without it politicians can be perceived as spending their time with their heads in the sand. Get involved, and make a difference. Send any queries you may have to our Government Conferences and Forums team.