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The rising popularity of UK web conferencing has brought forward the fact that it is the most sort after technological  solution to a very untechnical problem, travel fares and traffic jams.

As the price of petrol and train travel increase (8% alone in 2015) conference from the comfort of your own desk are being taken into usage by UK business organizations at a rapid pace.

Build your business

Attending seminars and conferences are useful ways of getting you in front of potential customers. Exhibitions also create an opportunity to attract target market's direct attention and display your services and products in the best light. Creating and transporting professional looking stands has never been easier. Prices range for £40s for a simple banner and stand to £800 for a complete stand, complete with podium and backing graphics. Gaining new business is far easier when that first impression is one of competence and professionalism.

Just Displays has been trading successfully and growing consistently since 2003.

Graham Green – Managing Director